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The SOLOLIFT2 C-3 is a small, compact automatic lifting station suitable for pumping grey wastewater off places where it cannot be led directly to the sewer by means of a natural downward slope.

Typical Applications
The SOLOLIFT2 C-3 is suitable for pumping grey wastewater up to 90 C from a washing machine, dishwasher, kitchen sink, bath tub, washbasin or shower.

Key Benefits

  • The most powerful, reliable and service friendly lifting station on the market
  • Slim design for front wall installation
  • High performance pump with 20mm free passage for handling effluents up to 90 degree C
  • SOLOLIFT2s unique sloping bottom and strong chamfer directs solid parts toward the pump. This lowers the possibility of sedimentation or clogging.
  • The improved built in charcoal filter of theSOLOLIFT2 means better performance, thus retrofit installation of more efficient filter units becomes obsolete.
  • SOLOLIFT2 features an optional innovative USB style plug-and-go Alarm PCB. With easy installation, no batteries necessary and an early warning system in case of malfunction, monitoring is easy
  • Lift out motor and pump unit for clean and easy service and maintenance no mess
  • Captive screw fastening, external pressure switch and tank draining enable fast and clean repairs and service
  • Unique welded pressure tight tank to ensure safety and reliability particularly in high pressure greywater applications
  • Smart adjustable inlet connectors allow movement of up to 10mm, both vertically and horizontally for easy fitting to existing pipes
  • Easy replacement using flexible connectors and adaptors for discharge and inlets
  • Discharge connection: 22/25/28/32/36/40
  • Additional inlets: 1 x 32/36/40 at the top and 2 x 36/40/50 on the left and right sides of the tank
  • 1.2 metre cable with plug
  • Supply voltage: 1 x 220-240 V - 10 %/+ 6 %, 50 Hz
  • Power consumption: 640 W
  • Dimensions: 255mm high x 373mm long x 158mm wide
  • Power factor: Cos φ 0.66/0.90.
  • Speed: 2800 min-1
  • Maximum liquid temperature: 50C
  • Rated current: 3.1 A
  • Insulation class: F
  • Flow rate: Max. 185 l/min
  • System pressure: Max. 8.8 m
  • Net weight 6.6 kg
  • Start and stop levels Start: 65 mm above bottom. Stop: 35 mm above bottom
  • Liquid temperature: 75 C continuously (90 C for 30 min.).
  • Ambient temperature: +5 C to +35 C
  • Duty: S3 - 50 % - 1 min. (30 sec. on; 30 sec. off)
  • Replaces Sololift+C-3
  • Two year warranty

  • Our prices include delivery to most areas in Australia.
    See Freight Information for details.

SOLOLIFT2 C-3 Installation & Operating Instructions
Grundfos Sololift2
Data Booklet
Watermark Certificate

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