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Code: RS6- DIVERTRON1200

Rainsaver MK6 Pump Package with Fully Automatic Multistage Technopolymer Submersible Pump

Automatic Rainwater/Mains Water Changeover Device

The RAINSAVER MK6 is an Automatic Rainwater/Mains Water Changeover Device designed to provide automatic mains backup for pressure pump supply systems.

Typical Applications
Rainsaver MK6 Pump Package with Fully Automatic Multistage Technopolymer Submersible Pump
The DAB-DIVERTRON1200 with the new Rainsaver MK6 is ideal for large two storeys or multi storey homes to service toilets, laundry and garden taps supplying 70 lpm @ 200kpa. The submersible pump is mounted inside the rainwater tank for silent operation.

Key Benefits

Rainsaver MK5 Control Features
  • Requires no power supply and consumes no electrical energy
  • Designed to operate with mains pressure up to 1000kPa (145psi)
  • Pump flows to 105lpm, mains flows to 40 l/m (at 500kPa mains)
  • Designed to further save water resources by reducing incoming mains to 200 kPa
  • Requires no weather proofing and is completely waterproof
  • Can be hosed down without the fear of electrocution
  • Can be mounted any distance from the pump underground or inside a tank
  • UV stabilised Technopolymer for long life and good looks
  • All Rainsaver MK5 pumps are independently controlled to regulate flows and pressures whilst protecting the pump against voltage fluctuations, loss of water and incorporate a 24 hour automatic pump restart
  • WaterMark approved components for connection to all Town Water supplies. Safe against water borne bacteria, dezincification and lead poisoning. Watermark Level 1 Certification to ATS5200.477.2006
  • No unsightly controller power, water level float cables or the need for a dedicated controller power point
  • Australian owned and designed
  • 2 Year Rainsaver MK4 Warranty (Warranty Service is provided at the nearest authorised service agent)

Pump Features
  • Fully Automatic Multistage Technopolymer Submersible Pump with internal auto restart pump controller
  • Automatic built in electronic control provides dry run protection and constant pressure at low flows with built in check valve and auto restart.
  • Corrosion resistant pump body, diffuser and impeller.
  • Shaft seal with sand protection boot
  • 240v single phase TEFC motor with built-in auto reset thermal overload
  • AS/NZS4020 Approved for drinking water
  • 70lpm@200kpa
  • 750 Watt pump
  • 470kpa maximum pressure
  • 95lpm maximum flow
  • 2-35 degrees Celcius clean water temperature range
  • 15m power cable length
  • 2 year Rainsaver MK5 warranty
  • 9 taps
  • Supplied as a kit for assembly

Rainsaver MK5 and Divertron Datasheet
Rainsaver MK5 and Divertron Brochure
Rainsaver MK5 and Divertron Operations Manual

Our prices include delivery to most areas in Australia. See Freight Information for details.

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