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Fully Automated Household Multi-stage Pump

The Grundfos CM Booster is a horizontal stainless steel multistage centrifugal pump controlled by the new Grundfos Pressure Manager featuring dry run protection with auto restart and built in thermal protection. The CM pumps wet components are all constructed from 304 stainless steel and both the pump and the Pressure Manager have been certified to comply with the Australian and New Zealand standard for products in contact with drinking water: ATS/NZ 5200.030 and AS/NZS 4020. Like its predecessor, the Grundfos CH, the CM is one of the quietest pumps on the market. The Grundfos Pressure Manager (PM) is a compact control unit especially designed for domestic water supply pumps. The PM sets new standards for integration of functionality and intelligence in domestic pump controls. There are two versions of the Pressure Manager PM1 and PM2. Both the PM1 and PM2 feature some great protective functions including dry-running protection and cycling alarm. They have also both been specifically designed for use with generators. The Pressure Manager PM1 is equipped with an integrated flow control switch to optimize operations and ensure maximum protection for the pump. The Pressure Manager PM2 integrates a pressure sensor and offers adjustable cut in pressure (between 1.5 and 5 bar) and an easy to use LED interface with pressure display and fault indication.

Typical Applications

Designed for domestic and light industrial applications, the CM Booster pump is suitable for pressure boosting from above ground rainwater tanks or from mains water. The Grundfos CMB 3-4 complete with the PM2 Presscontrol is equivalent to the CH2-50PC and is ideal for single and two storey homes supplying 63lpm @ 200kpa and 53lpm @250kpa.

Key Benefits
  • Quiet operation
  • Compact design
  • Robust construction
  • Dry run protection
  • Easy installation
  • Pressure Manager 2 with adjustable cut-in pressure
  • Generator friendly
  • All wetted parts stainless steel
  • Hard wearing carbon/ceramic seal
  • IP55 motor
  • Complies with AS/NZs 4020 - testing for products for use with drinking water
  • 2 year Grundfos warranty
  • 63lpm @ 200kpa and 53lpm @250kpa
  • 500 watts
  • 1" female inlet, 1" male outlet
  • 1 tap = 10 litres per minute 1 tap = 10 litres per minute 1 tap = 10 litres per minute 1 tap = 10 litres per minute 1 tap = 10 litres per minute 1 tap = 10 litres per minute
  • As a tap guide - 1 tap = 10 litres per minute *1 sprinkler = 15 litres per minute.

Our prices include delivery to most areas in Australia.
See Freight Information for details.

Price: $750.00
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