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Onga WPK1 Pressure Kit
Onga WPK1 Pressure Kit

The Onga pressure kits are designed for simple DIY installation with ‘quick connect’ electrical plugs enabling the conversion of a selected base pump to an automatic operation pressure system. (Air tank not included in kit).
The pressure switches are factory set and tested at the nominated pressure settings as per the kit’s description.

The Onga WPK1 Pressure Kit contains the following items:
  • 1 x pre-wired pressure switch (20-40 psi)
  • 1 x 1" BSP M & F brass check valve
  • 1 x 1" BSP brass 5 way tee
  • 1 x pressure gauge
  • 1 x pressure switch connection kit
  • 1 x roll of teflon tape
Tip: When the pressure switch turns the pump off, the pressure gauge needle should remain steady. If the needle is decreasing, the pump system has a leak and needs rectification.
Checking Setting Pressure Tank Aircharges: Switch power off. Turn tap on and drain the water pressure system of water. The air charge should be set at 10% below the normal pump cut-in pressure i.e. on a pump with an operating pressure range of 20-40 psi/140-280kPa the air charge required would be 18psi/126kPa.

Our prices include delivery to most areas in Australia.
See Freight Information for details.

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